Coaching with Lauren 1x1 is for the one who is ready to take their love, life and business to the next level.

Based heavily in Somatic Experiencing, Lauren’s work will help you redefine safety in your body so that you can find and keep the love and life you deeply desire. 

  • This work is invaluable to anyone suffering from relational trauma and is ready for a deeper connection to themselves and others. 
  • This three-month private container will include twelve one hour calls and unlimited Voxer support in between sessions. 
  • This is an extremely powerful option for someone who is ready to do the deep work at an accelerated pace. 

Lauren only works with four clients at any given time. You will be hand selected based on your application. 

This mentoring package is a three month private container, where you will meet weekly with Lauren over Zoom for a 1 hour call. There are a total of twelve one-hour calls included in this package which will be a combination of Somatic Experiencing, Time Line Therapy® and guidance calls.

The full cost of the package is $12k (or a payment plan of $4.5k per month is also offered.)

*As a part of the package, you will also have access to all of Lauren’s online events or classes during your packaged time period. As a private client, Lauren will be working to prioritize you and your healing throughout the three month container.

Important: Lauren only answers Voxers during working hours 9am CT to 5pm CT. Lauren will not answer questions via email or text and all questions will need to be directed to your private Voxer channel.

Client Testimonial

“Through working with Lauren I have found someone and we continue to grow together. He is patient, kind, understanding, and I feel safe with him. I did not know this kind of relationship existed, and it is even better than I could have imagined. We even share in growth together. We started reading a book with one another and the crazy thing is, it was his idea. Life continues to become more full and beautiful. This work works! I am so thankful I said yes to Lauren and her coaching last summer. 

Life has transformed more in the last 10 months than ever before. Grateful for her and the work she leads women and men through in her practice.”

Megan Habel