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- Sam S.


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Phase #1: Aligned Discovery 

Discover the origin of the core wounds that are creating your current reality and keeping you stuck. You will understand your wounds by looking at the patterns associated with your past relationships, core stories of limitation, childhood dynamics and generational trauma.


Phase #2: Aligned Reinvention

Learn how to take action to heal your core wounds, regulate your nervous system and dismantle the negative cognitive beliefs that are keeping you from finding healthy love.


Phase #3: Aligned Attraction

Aligned Attraction: Get excited! In phase 3, you will focus on how manifestation REALLY works and finally start attracting the love and life you desire.


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My Core Relationship Awareness Workbook

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This is Lauren Zoeller

Lauren Zoeller is a CTA certified Love & Relationship Coach, motivational speaker, and podcast host.


After building a multiple six-figure coaching business, Lauren’s own alignment led her to help high-performing men and women like her, find and keep healthy relationships and a life they crave.


Lauren has been part of over 1,000+ students’ journeys, taking them from hopeless and  frustrated to happy and in love. She spent years dating red flags herself and is now on a mission to help the world break through the barriers holding them back so they don’t waste 10, 5, or even 1 more year navigating love, and life, alone.

Disclaimer: The Dating and Love Results listed above in our marketing material are the result of highly committed clients who do ALL the work, having the willingness to change & grow, and learning from mistakes. These results are used specifically as examples. Your results will vary depending on a wide variety of variables and factors.


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