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“Lauren is a bright light for anyone who is struggling.”
-Shannon Rizzo





75% Women + 25% Men

Age Range: 30-55


Nashville, Louisville, Chicago, London, Los Angeles


On the Balanced Boss Podcast, Lauren interviews high-achieving individuals who are CRUSHING the work-life balance game and living their dreams in the process.

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"A refreshing take on life coaching podcasts. Each episode has multiple messages for living a more fulfilling life. I find myself listening to each episode multiple times!"



“Why You Should Practice Intentional Speaking” 

Thrive Global 

“The Coaches Combine”

Podcast with
Tim Danchak

“Addicted to Healthy” 

Podcast with 
Laurence Annez De Taboada

“The Easy Way That Self Care Can Backfire”
Greatest Article

“On and Off Your Mat”
Podcast with 
Erika Belanger

“6 Yoga Poses That Will Make You Better At Sex”
Healthline Article 

“The Glow Life”
 Podcast with
Martina Fink 

“Women Entrepreneurs Making Waves in Tennessee”
Money Inc. Article

“Health and Wellness Spotlight”

Nashville Health and Wellness

“Using Yoga & Life Coaching To Find Balance”
Soul In the Raw Podcast

“Breathing Basics”
The Full Plate Podcast with Erica Ballard

“Best Winter Date Ideas for Active Couples”
Shape Article

“4 Tips for Creating a Self-Care Routine to Nourish Your Body and Soul.”
Prevention Magazine 

“Self Love with Lauren Zoeller”
The Nashville TODAY Show

“Interview with Lauren Zoeller”
The Yogi Misfit Sessions Podcast with Danni Pomplun

“Interview with Lauren Zoeller”
Enlightened Conversations Podcast with Noel Strane

“6 Signs Your Workout Habits Are Actually Working Against You”
Total Beauty Article

“Adult Bullying – Here’s How to Handle It If It’s Happening to You”
Goalcast Article

“9 Simple Ways to Add Exercise Into Your Work and Home Routines.”
Business Insider Article

“25 time-saving hacks that will add hours back to your week.”
NBC News Article

Interview, speaking, & Workshop topics


Healing SHAME & Owning Your Story: How I Called in “The One”

Lauren shares her personal story of spending years crushing it in business and seemingly having a picture-perfect life, but deeply unfulfilled in romantic relationships. Hear how she embraced her past to call in her aligned, loving partner.

The REAL Reason You Are Single

HINT: It isn't what you are doing, it's who you are being. Learn how to identify and unpack the subconscious limiting beliefs that are keeping you from aligned love.

Alone to Aligned:Lauren's Aligned Attraction Framework

The step-by-step process Lauren uses to take clients from single and frustrated to attracting a conscious, potential partner.

Red-Flag Relationships: Why You End Up With The Wrong Guy

Learn the real reason as to why "red-flags" keep popping up in your dating life and how to break the cycle.

Interview, speaking, & Workshop topics


Why A Lack of Work-Life Balance Could Be Killing You:

Discover the scientific facts behind why burnout could be the cause of roadblocks in your life. A deep dive into Lauren’s 4 Step Transformational Process to change your life.

Mastering Mindfulness at Work: Create Calm in the Chaos

Understand the importance of mindfulness and learn the skills needed to decrease stress, manage overwhelm and overcome anxiety both in the workplace and at home.

Collaborative Mindset and Coaching Skills for Leaders:

Learn strategies and tools used by professional coaches and today’s top leaders to create engagement, develop capability and foster trust within your professional organization.

PHYSICAL PAIN: The secret to healing

Understand how unresolved feelings manifest as physical pain in the body and learn the tools you can use to heal and avoid a misdiagnosed clinical disorder.

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Lauren's Short Bio

Lauren Zoeller is a Somatic Relationship Expert, motivational speaker and podcast host. She has achieved overwhelming success in helping high performing, female executives attract a dream relationship and a life they crave. She is the creator of The Aligned Love Experience™, a cutting edge coaching program that teaches female visionaries how to find aligned love and co-owner of SHIFT with Sanctuary™, an elevated inner circle for the 1% woman who is ready to step into sacred leadership, divine love, energetic longevity and her abundant legacy. Lauren’s own story of overcoming deep shame has led her to advocate for women to own their story, use their voice and step into an aligned, vibrant life. 
She is now the President and CEO of the Balanced Boss Company, LLC, as well as the founder and host of The Balanced Boss Podcast. Lauren has been featured in international publications such as Prevention, Shape, Business Insider, Total Beauty, Thrive Global, Goalcast, Money Inc., Healthline, Greatist and more. When she is not coaching, you can find her traveling, speaking and leading workshops to promote her ultimate message of living a healthy, aligned life.

How to Book

All inquiries regarding booking Lauren for media, speaking engagements, special appearances, or sponsored posts should be sent to [email protected]