Graduates of this course are proof that you can have it all!

Who said that sacrifice needs to be a part of success?

In this course you will learn how to:

  • discover your core wounds
  • reinvent your mindset & understand your nervous system
  • access love & full life alignment


This program includes 12 self study modules that will teach you how to identify and heal your core wounds so you can finally be in the driver seat of your relationships and your life.

This program also includes a 45 minute 1×1 coaching session with a certified Alignment Coach.

Applicable for both men & women who are wanting to discover their internal blocks, reinvent their story, and attract an aligned partner.

Client Testimonial

“Before working through The Aligned Attraction Framework, I had several parts of my life that felt misaligned and were severely weighing on me. I was constantly stressed and worried about my future. The most significant shift that occurred as a result of working through Lauren’s Aligned Attraction Framework was realizing that I CAN HAVE IT ALL. Doing the work to heal my nervous system while executing the actions laid out in the program made all the difference in the world. 

Now that I have been through Lauren’s Framework, life has shifted for me. I make better decisions based on what I want when I am deciding on my future and who I want to build a life with moving forward. In general, I feel less stressed and more at ease regarding finding and keeping love in my life.”

Robbie Goldsmith